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My name’s Anthony Geremia, and I’m a 20-something Journalism graduate turned Corporate Communications and Public Relations student.

Contrary to the popular image presented of the slacking, aimless “Millenials,” (a term I can’t stand), most of us are determined individuals trying to make it in a world caught between the old and new ways. If we seem aimless, it’s because our target has become fuzzy.

People my age were really the first generation to be raised with the internet, and as such, our global view on culture and media is something unique. If there’s to be a focus to this little enterprise, it’s looking into our connected world.

My plan is to break everything into two categories: Relevant and irrelevant. Relevant will consist of commentary on life, the world, and philosophy. Irrelevant will be everything else, most likely focusing on my strange, geeky interests.

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  1. Strange, geeky interest. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone! (:

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